Friday, November 26, 2010

iPad's growing ecosystem

More businesses are integrating iPad into their offerings -- and hoping to attach their products to iPad's high brand positioning.

By any measure, Apple's iPad is a successful product on its own.  However, it is increasingly being used by businesses as part of their product offerings.  As much as the iPad might actually improve these products, the biggest benefit might be linking the iPad to the products... if consumers think so highly of the iPad, maybe some of the "love" will rub off.

NOTE: This goes beyond merely adapting current offerings for the iPad -- although iPad apps for existing products are extremely popular.

Some recent examples:
  • The owner's manual for Hyundai's Equus model is an interactive digital owner's manual on the iPad that comes with the luxury car. See the magazine advertisement below.
  • Delta Air Lines has installed 200 iPads in their gate area at New York's JFK International Airport. Delta customers can use the iPads for entertainment and to order food at airport eateries.
  • News Corporation is developing a new digital newspaper centered around the iPad. The Daily is scheduled for an early 2011 launch. 
Apple continues to reap the rewards for their great products.

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