Sunday, September 20, 2009

Instilling consumer confidence

Always remember -- consumers pick up cues about businesses from a variety of inputs.

Does this sign instill confidence that you want this repair shop to work on your car?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Retailers... let customers know about your services

It is a great service that I had never heard about. In fact, it is a bit difficult to get information about the service from the retailer's website. Bed Bath and Beyond allows you to shop and order online or at a store and then have the order waiting for pick up at a different store -- even if that location is across the country.

The service worked well for my family as we shipped a child off to college... no need to stuff a car full of items bought at home or pay for extra suitcases to carry more things on an airplane. Just order and have the products waiting at the local (to where ever the university is) Bed Bath and Beyond store.

The only problem was we found out about this valuable service by chance. We never heard or saw any ads about it. Even the retailer's website does not make it clear -- even on their "Shop for College" web page.

Using the service worked out great for us... I just wonder how many more families would have used it if they would have only known?