Sunday, November 22, 2009

Can celebrity endorsements work?

Some still wonder if celebrities can really influence behavior.

Take a couple of minutes and watch the following two videos... then you decide.

NOTE: If you want to see something interesting, play both at the same time... starting the second video once Taylor Swift starts singing in the first.

Since celebrity endorsers represent a brand, selection and affiliation should be undertaken with great care. However, celebrities can/do influence consumer behavior.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Music can add the right note

Songs, jingles and melodies can catch your attention and stick in your brain.

Imagine a teacher leaving a high school classroom... the boys start rhythmically drumming their desks in unison.

What's going on? A disorderly mob? No... it was That's G.

Don't know what "That's G" is? Play the following video.

Need to set a tone in a commercial... consider including a song. Regions Bank wants to show how happy they make their customers.

How? Just listen.

Can jingles really help message retention? How much is a foot-long Subway?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day promotions

Applebee's and Macy's approach national holiday differently.

Applebee's Veterans Day 2009 promotion
Applebee's Restaurants offered free entrees to all veterans and active military personnel on Veterans Day to show "sincere gratitude for your honorable service".

Macy's Veterans Day 2009 promotion
A traditional sale.

With the U.S. military at war in multiple theaters
++++Macy's promotion rings a bit shallow.
++++Applebee's promotion feels right.