Saturday, September 24, 2011

Product do-overs difficult... do it better the first time

The comparison is stark:
  • Apple sells approximately 200, 000 iPads every 2 days.
  • RIM sold approximately 200,000 Blackberry Playbook tablet computers over 90 days this past summer.
The problem(s) with the Playbook?
First (and probably foremost), it doesn't have an Apple logo on it.  However, there are non-Apple issues.  The Playbook was introduced with just a fraction (40,000 vs. 1,000,000) of the available content and apps available to its adopters compared to competing Apple and Google Android tablets. In addition, the Playbook did not come with Blackberry's popular e-mail and collaboration service (Blackberry Enterprise Server).

RIM's proposed fixes to bolster Playbook sales?
  1. Encourage app makers to get really busy.
  2. Release a "major" software update.
  3. Cut prices.
  4. Keep telling prospective buyers the Playbook is just as good/better than the iPad.
The outcome? Consumers will soon decide
However, recapturing any momentum that came with the introduction of the Blackberry Playbook will be difficult (impossible?). While a staple of recreational golf, mulligans are in short supply in the business world.  A better path is to hit a quality shot on the first swing.

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