Friday, October 9, 2009

I like this T.V. commercial... maybe not

We love it when celebrities poke fun at themselves

If you are a pro football fan you know the annual story from the last few years... will he or won't he? Anyone who does not know who the "he" is will miss the joke in the television advertisement.

Who is he and what's the annual event? Future NFL hall-0f-fame quarterback Brett Favre and his annual "I might retire, I might not retire" drama that has been played out on ESPN and the newspaper sports pages across America for the last several years (FYI... he has not retired yet).

Sears is featuring a play on Favre and his indecision in a current T.V. commercial. It's good natured fun and attention getting (at least to football fans). Sears hopes that watching Favre = getting their brand message (tagged at the end of the ad).

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