Sunday, February 1, 2009

Profiting from local "super bowls"

Businesses need to maximize benefits from local happenings.

With the kick off of Super Bowl XLIII just a few hours away, the vast majority of game-related purchases of flat screen TVs, food and drink have been made.

But before sitting back and watching the game and commercials (or should that be commercials and the game?), a bit of marketing reflection is in order.

What's in it if your business is not a Pepsi, E-Trade or Budweiser?

How can a local business benefit from the Super Bowl if you don't sell chips, pizzas, drinks and television? It's pretty limited if it's only the real Super Bowl. Either you sell "game" items or you don't.

The wider lesson is what can be learned from the business of the Super Bowl.

What local events provide a "super bowl" for the customer base served by your business?

The area I reside in hosts:
  • a street 3-on-3 basketball tournament that draws tens of thousands of players
  • a 7 mile run with over 40,000 participants annually
  • a wide range of events in the main city park - from concerts to fireworks, food-fests to theatre.
  • events at the convention center
  • sporting events of the local universities and high schools

These are just a few of the many events... most of which are smaller events targeting a tightly focused group of customers who share many traits -- a true target marketing opportunity.

Businesses should identify and benefit from events in their areas that offer mini-super bowls. Consider sponsorships, participation in as vendors, offering products for participants, special pricing, event ticket sales for a discount price when bought at your business, and so forth.

The opportunities for your business to benefit from a (local) super bowl are there. Consider taking them.

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