Monday, September 15, 2008

Displaying benefits in promotions -- part II

A May 2008 post on this blog discussed the benefits of directly tying a business's promotional theme to variables impacting customer lives and telling how your product, service and/or store can assist consumers in dealing with that issue.

Currently economic concerns -- ranging from high fuel prices to falling values for their homes -- are now on the minds of many U.S. consumers. Several examples of advertising that clearly address such concerns are currently on television. Each commercial's appeal is easy for customers to understand... you are in tight financial times and our product can save you money.

Here is one such television advertisement:

Ask yourself

  1. What issues are your customers dealing with?
  2. What concerns do they have?
  3. Do I know even the answers to questions 1 & 2? If not, that's an item for future blog posting.
  4. How can my marketing efforts be tailored to address those issues and concerns?

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