Monday, June 9, 2008

How has it gotten to this?

Businesses versus their customers.... ....'ve got to be kidding!

The title on the cover of the June 16th issue of BusinessWeek (see right) that arrived in the mail today highlighted the negative views some businesses have towards customers. It is sad to consider that businesses across industries look at consumers as a form of competition that need to be conquered. No wonder businesses complain of the lack of customer loyalty.

It is unfortunate that too many organizations fail to remember Business 101 and 501.

Business 101 -- customers are the only source of revenue.

Business 501 (graduate level) -- loyal customers are the most profitable customers.

When the situation gets to the point where a major business publication features your business against customers on the front cover in a replica of an old time boxing card handbill, it is time to make significant changes.

How would BusinessWeek represent your relationship with your customers?

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