Thursday, December 20, 2007

Stopping consumers in their tracks

Macy's Union Square
Level 3 window

The Apple Store
Level 2 window

The Levi's Store
Level 1 window

The holiday shopping season was in full swing during a recent trip to San Francisco as retailers vie for the estimated $474.4 billion in 2007 holiday spending.

Walking around the shopping district surrounding Union Square, the levels of use (and non-use) of holiday window displays was plain to see and broke into four distinct groupings:

Level 0 - Window displays as usual... no attempt to "holiday-ize".

Level 1 - A slight bit of "winterization" (giant snow flakes, red & green foil, etc.).

Level 2 - Holiday themed window displays.

Level 3 - Destination windows... windows that not only made people stop but also were places they came to see.

What's the verdict?

  • Level 0 and 1 windows did not draw consumer glances nor slow them down.
  • Level 2 (themed) window displays drew glances but did not often slow consumers down.
  • Level 3 window displays not only drew glances... shoppers actually stopped, looked and paid attention.... giving the store the opportunity to have a prolonged brand interaction with consumers.

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